Benerci Kendini Niçin Öldürdü?  /  Why did Banerji Kill Himself? by Nazım Hikmet

I read the book in late 2019 and was deeply moved by the poetry back then. Deniz Gezmiş, Yusuf Aslan, and Hüseyin İnan, the leading figures of the 68 Generation were executed on May 6th 1972, 49 years ago. I decided to build a memorial for them and a quiet place to listen to this beautiful piece of poetry, read by Tuncel Kurtiz.

The poetry is in Turkish. I found a translation online:

My lad

Watch the stars carefully,

You may never see them again

You may never spread your arms wide as horizon in the light of the stars

My lad

The inside of your head is beautiful, scary, powerful and good as the starry darkness.

The stars and your head is the greatest thing of the universe.

My lad

You're going to die either in the street corner with a bleeding on your brow or in a gallows.

Watch the stars carefully, you can't see them again.

My lad

Maybe you understood, maybe didn't.

I'm done talking.

Loving is something great to do, my lad.

So love!

Since you have a bright night in your head, you have my permission, love as possible as you can.

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